The Hilarion dam was constructed with river gravel and has clay core . Has a volume of 8,000,000 cubic and create artificial lake hundred million cubic with a useful volume of 400 million cubic . The artificial lake will be held throughout the canyon Zampordas . The catchment area of ​​the project is approximately 5,000 square kilometers , the total volume of the lake that will be created is 520 million cubic meters of water , while the effective volume is 412 million cubic meters water . The surface of the reservoir to the maximum flood level is 21.9 sq km The hydroelectric power ( hydro ) power station comprises two units with turbines rated at 78.5 megawatts each, giving a total capacity of the plant is 157 MW. The plant will produce 410 GWh annually.

The project also includes the following structures: diversion tunnel , two tunnels extract with sluices tunnel bottom outlet , power tunnel , tunnels, drains , sump gates , road tunnels. Apart from the main station, and provided small hydro power station 4,5 MW, the output of the bottom outlet , for ensuring ecological supply 4.5 cm water per second.

The hydroelectric dam is multipurpose . Besides producing energy Thessaloniki Water Supply and adjust the savings Polyphytos that will stabilize the fluctuations of the lake. The dam Hilarion’s undoubtedly a large development project for the prefectures of Kozani and Grevena and very important for the national economy . Environmental and tourism will create a new lake ( Hilarion ) allowing it to large tourist development and enhance environmental Delta River Aliakmona by ensuring annually 140 million cubic meters water in the riverbed , and the landscape of Lake Polyphytos .