Polyfytos lake was formed in 1975 after the construction of Polyfytos Hydroelectric Power Plant (YHS). It has an area of 74 km² when fully flooded and it is supplied with water mainly from Aliakmonas River and some streams from a river basin of 5,630 km². The water level varies within the range of 15m. The lake is owned by the Public Electricity Company (DEI), but it is available to the locals for fishing and eco-tourism development.
The fast rate of water renewal allows for quick removal of possible waste loads and ensures that the lake keeps its natural condition, thus offering a variety of activities, such as: swimming, fish production processes, fishing and fish breeding, water sports, irrigation, leisure, etc. All these activities are maintained, so that any possible burden on the water quality is within the allowable limits of the ecosystem’s sustainability.

17 species of sweet water fish have been recorded, while at river Aliakmonas delta, many other eyryhaline species are found. The area of Aliakmonas’ reservoir is an important habitat for birds of prey, providing food, nesting and shelter. The area is also visited by migrant birds, as a winter shelter. Many reptile fauna species are also found in the area, while the mammal fauna at the lake and around it counts 10 different species.

It is one of the bigger artificial lakes in Greece, where recently a modern floating dock was constructed. The program was promoted by the District Unit of Kozani, aiming to create the conditions for the development of ecotouristic, nautathletic and fishing activities in the area.

The multi-use dock was constructed using the method of “discontinuous heavy duty floating piers”.